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    Default Repeater question! Please help!

    We are coming back 'home' to CSA in December 2012. We booked directly through Couples last time. We were thinking of maybe booking the trip elsewhere this time. Have any of you experienced any trouble with going that route? Do we need to do anything special to let the folks at CSA know that we are repeaters and are returning (I want to make sure to get my tshirt lol) Any info would be helpful. Randymon this might be a question for you!!

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    I assume you have signed up for Romance Rewards. If not do that now. Then, just pre-register on their web site a week or two before you leave. This will let them know you are repeaters, what size t-shirts you want and, most importantly, when your flight lands so they will have a van waiting for you when you arrive.
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    We have booked 'elsewhere' three times (travel agent, and and have not had a problem.

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