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    Default Super big thanks

    Big thanks to all of my lovely message board friends that have been there to answer all of my questions. I always look forward to your replies and can't wait to check the message board! Your wisdom and kind words are greatly appreciated. I hope that we may all share a drink at the swim up pool bar one day. Until then, 48 hours until my honeymoon. Thanks friends.
    Ps- crabracer, 2017 October we will return. Hope to see you then!

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    Madtown mom---I'm glad that the MB has given you information that you could use and also that it has provided some insight into all the things that have to take place when planning a trip.

    If this posts before you leave, just remember to stop your daily mail/paper delivery. Have someone to water plants if needed, as well as take care of pets. Shut off the heat in the house, or at least keep it turned way down.

    Was 2017 a misprint? Did you really mean 2013? If so, we may just run into you in October. We are booking April 2013 and we are thinking of changing our November date to October. We'll let you know.

    Have a great time. I know you will.


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