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Thread: YA Falls?

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    Default YA Falls?

    We're coming to CN in two weeks - our second trip there - and we're interested in doing a day trip or two. Someone mentioned YA Falls. Is there a bus that we could take there? Anyone know?

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    MM --
    We have done YS Falls in the past and have used private transfer.
    We will again be at CN 3/9-19 and plan on doing the Pelican Bar trip paired with Appleton Rum tour on the 15th if you are interested/available.

    Email me if you'd like the name of the driver we use every year -- super great guy!


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    Can you set up tours once you get to the hotel? I am interested in going to the Pelican Bar from CSA or CN.

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    Yeah, I'd like that. We may see you there. We'll be there on 3/7.

    I"ll e-mail you separately and get the name of that driver.

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