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    Default CSS vs. CTI

    We have been to CTI about 15 years ago and CSS several years ago and can't decide which one to return to. Which one do you like and why?

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    We were just at both in January. They both had excellent staff, service,food,entertainment.
    Both have really great A/N areas. Both spas are really great.
    We loved CSS best for the romance factor. Eating outdoors, dancing outdoors. All the quaint places you could be alone. To us CSS felt like a tropical paradise, CTI felt like a really nice hotel on a beach.
    I am sure you will enjoy which ever one you pick.
    Take a look at my album in my profile, I have pics of both.

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    As many people as there are on this message board that have been to both of those resorts, that's how many different answers you could get. There is no short answer.
    We were at CSS a few years ago when CTI was undergoing the renovation. It is beautiful, lush and so tropical. Just one of the things that CTI does not have. CTI is beautiful, but in a different way. CSS has Sunset beach, and if you want an Au Natural spot, in many ways it has it all over TI. But again, they offer two different areas that each have their own feeling.

    We have been going to CTI since 1995 and this April will be our 33 visit. So I guess that tells you which one we prefer. Especially since the renovation. You will hardly notice the place that you remember. It's gorgeous.

    Because we have been going there for so long, we have gotten to know so many of the staff and their families. For us, and for many other Couples devotees, the staff at any of the four resorts, makes all the difference in the world. Because every resort has great food, beverage, and other things that stand out to anyone that has been there.

    For my money, I say go back to CTI. Simply because of the newness and redesign. I think you will be amazed at the transformation.

    But I'm sure you know that which ever place you finally decide on going back to, you really can't go wrong.

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