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    Default What has customs arriving into MoBay on Saturdays been like lately...?

    We have always traveled into MoBay on Sundays and security and customs have been a breeze.
    Now getting a little nervous that this Saturday when we arrive will be a zoo...
    Has anyone had any recent experience into MoBay on Saturdays around noonish?

    Thanks much

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    Default Horrendous

    We arrived on February 18 at 12:25 and waited 2 1/2 hours. It was terrible. Several people became ill and had to have medical attention. Others seemed to be exaggerating their situations to get to the front of the line. So, bring a snack and water with you; you'll be glad you did. The cut at immigration told me it has been crazy every Saturday like this. It was not a good way to start the vacation - everyone in our group was pretty exhausted by the time we got on the bus. We landed at 12:25 and arrived at CN a little after 5!

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    Have never seen it that bad after the airport was renovated. We get in around noon this time around and hope it's not that bad! Hit the restroom on the way in and bring water.

    Life is good

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    Sad to say but we landed at 3:30 and got the three stamps we needed at 6:33 on Sat 2-18......3 hours and 3 minutes. The gate we entered through put us in some hallways for the first hour and 20 minutes will very little air circulation, they came and passed out some bottles of water for free. Needless to say once on the bus, we all said take me home ASAP, no stops.


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    Same thing happened to my nephew and his wife. They landed at 12:30 on a Saturday and it was almost 6 by the time they got to CN because of the long wait to get through immigrations and customs. We try to get there before noon on Friday and usually only wait about 15 - 20 minutes. Good Luck but I supposed the time of day you arrive will play a role as well.

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    We had a horrible experience last year arriving on a Saturday. Similar to Alamere's. This year we decided to try and get there as early as possible on a Saturday. So this year instead of arriving at 1:30 we are getting there at 9:50 am. We usually leave MBJ on a Sunday - which is a breeze. If there is line relax and picture that icy cold Red Stripe waiting for you at the Couples lounge....yes it is there...waiting for you.

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    Hmm, we'll be in the same boat a few weeks from now, I'm afraid. Any suggestions on how to streamline? I've heard that getting tickets to the MoBay VIP club gets you into a different line for customs, but if it's really busy I would assume they will be just as crowded with other people trying to get through and on to their vacation!

    The suggestion to make sure to save a snack and a bottle of water in case the line is long is a good one--duly noted!


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    Saturdays are a little rough! BUT, compared to January and July 2005 (our first trips) it has improved dramatically really!!!! Can't say enough about how much they have improved the airport and reorganized the arrival area in the last few years. Although just about all of the flights seem to arrive between 10:30 and 3, so make sure you pack you patience!

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    We arrived Mobay on 2/18 at 10:50 and breezed right through customs in about 15 minutes. On our return 2/25 we hit LONG lines getting through. If you do the MoBay Club ($30 person) you get VIP line through security check point. Then you have to get in line to go through the actual scanner but the wait isn't long. We didn't do the MoBay Club and wish we had! We spent about that much on food and drinks waiting for our flight.

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    Godiva - The MoBay VIP club is for leaving the country only, not arriving.

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    My husband thought Sunday would be the worst day to arrive so he ADDED a day to our trip so we would arrive on Sat instead ... I'll gladly spend 2+ hours in customs if it means an extra day in Jamaica. Hubby says first day is always waisted On traveling to the destination anyway.

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    Thanks smroot.

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    Sounds like the chaos of leaving Cuba, lol! As someone said, just expect it, think of the cold beer. If you allow it to get to you it will ruin the start to your vacation. Oh and pack some snacks in your carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shartalin View Post
    My husband thought Sunday would be the worst day to arrive so he ADDED a day to our trip so we would arrive on Sat instead ... I'll gladly spend 2+ hours in customs if it means an extra day in Jamaica. Hubby says first day is always waisted On traveling to the destination anyway.
    Wasting a day traveling definitely doesn't have to be the case, depending on where you're traveling from of course. We're flying into JFK the night before so we can catch the 5:50am direct flight to Mo Bay. We'll arrive at 8:30 and most definitely will be at CSA by around 11 or so. Can't wait!

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    I am scared, we are arriving on Saturday too, and I hate to spend the majority of my first day in the stinking airport.

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    Is it the immigration line or the customs line that gets most backed up on Saturdays? I was already considering carrying on my suitcase, but didn't know if it would make a difference or not in going through the process.

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    It took us 2+ hours last saturday 2/25.

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    Arrived on Feb 25 around 3.00. Have to say when we walked down the ramp to customs couldn't believe the line up. we usually come on a week day so no lineups. Must say though we were through in 50 min. No waiting for luggage and no line at declaration line.

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    Peliroja - it is the immigration line that is totally backed up. Once you get through it, your pick up your bags, always waiting on you, and then head through customs, which can back up some, but is really a breeze.

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    Is this improving ? I would guess that if it is a problem someone would try to fix it. Not the best way to start your week in paradise.

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    Hi Godiva,
    The VIP lounge is only available when you're leaving Jamaica not upon arrival. I wish you much luck and short lines at MoBay!


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    Arrived Sat 25 Feb at 5:30pm (ish) from the UK. The "corral" was already packed with some flights from the US and Canada, and we were fairly early off of the plane as sat towards the front. Definitely visit the toilet before you queue, and agree with keeping some water handy. Took us about an hour and 10 mins to get through immigration. Luggage was on the floor off of the belt, a bit tricky to find ours when sorting through 410 people's bags! (We were on a 747.) But found it and got underway, arriving at CSA around 8pm. (Back home now, after a great stay!!)

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