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    Default A few of my favorite things.....

    About Couples or Jamaica.

    1.) The laid back Irie attitude........

    2.) No hidden surprises or costs......

    3.) Tree Frogs...............

    4.) Premium Liquor.............

    5.) Staff that make you feel at home.....

    6.) Beauty everywhere.............

    7.) Repeaters perks!!!!!!!

    8.) Romance in the air, if you dont' feel it here, someting is very very wrong wit u!!!!

    9.) A place you know you can count on being great each and every time.................

    10.) Reggae

    This is just to name a few.....

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    Thought of a few more.

    Red Stripe

    Twisted Palms

    Appleton Rum

    Massage Huts on the Cliff

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    Adding to your wonderful list:

    Superior food

    Wonderful guests

    No kids

    Free excursions

    No tipping to get good service

    Excellent entertainment

    The Spas

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    Here is a few of mine:
    ~~~~ The staff
    ~~~~ The beautiful beach
    ~~~~ The cleanliness of everything
    ~~~~ The love in the air
    ~~~~ The way I felt over there so much in peace
    The comfy bed that I slept in that I miss so much and siting on the balcony listing to the people singing and the sounds of Jamaica music.
    I have so much more !!!1
    Melanie Benoit

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    absolute peace and relaxation
    no cell phones
    no rushing

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    Default Only a few??

    *No schedules
    *No calendar
    *No cell phone
    *No appointments
    *No alarm clock

    *Yes total relaxation
    *Yes someone taking care of me
    *Yes great drinks and food
    *Yes reading a book on the beach
    *Yes couple time with no outside distractions & stress
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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