My husband had major orthopedic surgery (free vascularized fibular grafting) on his hip in November (at 33) and will just be allowed to walk without aid in early May when we plan to take a trip. We went to CN in 2006 and had planned to return there since we were familiar and knew it was small. We would like to save as much as possible and have been waiting for the Wednesday deals. Today is the first in several weeks, however it's only for CSS (for a beachfront 1 bedroom suite) and CTI.

So my question is, just how bad are the stairs at CSS? If we were in a beachfront suite, would we need to climb them daily? Are all of the restaurants at the top? This will save us $600 from the Deluxe Ocean at CN, but I'm not sure it's worth it if my husband will be unable to maneuver the grounds.

Also, does anyone have any insight/experience with the Wednesday deals? If we were to wait a week, what is the likelihood that CN would be featured or that the dates will still include travel in May?

TIA! We desperately want to come home but with 2 kids and medical bills following surgery, we have to find the best deals.