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    Default Sunset view from Couples Negril Beach

    I know the exact location off the sunset moves depending on season but...

    Can someone sitting on the beach on Nov. 15th see the orange ball (sun) disappear into the sea?

    I am sure you can see it all year from CSA.


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    I just saw this post and am surprised nobody replied. You can see the sun go down over Rutland Point to the southwest, but not into the sea from CN. You can, however, see a great sunset into the sea on the cat cruise. Here is a photo of the sunset from CN on approx 11/17/10:

    Name:  CN Sunset - 11-2010.jpg
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    Thanks for the reply....

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    So from CN you see the sunset behind those trees above, right? Do you have to be on the AN beach to see this?

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    Nope Ella86, you can see it from anywhere on the beach, or even standing out in the water. Towards the end of February it was sitting almost over the end of the point, and I believe in the summer months it actually sets into the sea.

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