Thought I would share some info, maybe just be limited to Canadians or even just people with a CIBC Credit Card.

At 2am around the time our final payment was due I got an email to say our card was declined, it does explain in the email that it could be an "out of country" issue, I also got a credit alert from CIBC. I called them and they asked a bunch of questions and said all would be good now.

I called Couples and they said the charge would be auto tried again, I also replied to the email they had sent.

Again 2am, same thing, declined, I actually got out of bed this time and called CIBC at 2am, after many questions again, they once again said all was good, although that could have been my anger and frustration at them that they where putting by 2 weeks vacation in jeopardy as I knew CN was full one of the weeks we are there.

I called the reservations manager and told her of what was going on and she assured me all was going to be ok and the auto 2am payment would go through. Although she sensed my frustration of waiting until 2am and processed the payment right away and all was good. Another example of the great customer service from Couples I keep hearing about.

So lesson... if you are paying a final payment, make sure your CC company knows, call them a few days before, maybe not be an issue for your bank, but CIBC in Canada seems to very tight on this, so if you have a CIBC credit, I would for sure call.

Hope that helps someone not got through the stress we did.

CN April 7-21... 36 days to go until wheels up....