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    Well as my husband was told by our driver who stopped on our way to CSA and bought him what he called a "Mons Drink" and what the locals call a "Steel Bottom" for good reason! I tried drinking mine but couldn't so my hubby had 2 and look out! They are wicked scarey! Not advised for the beginner! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenni View Post
    TRM - yes it is real Clamato juice. I know CN has Clamato in the bars as well as the mini-bars. When I did trading places to CSA they only had Clamato in the mini-bars.

    Maybe another Canadian who stays as CSA can confirm Clamato availability in CSA.

    Thanks Jenni! Glad to hear it is the real thing Hopefully they have it around CSA too.. I might be luggin' some from Canada lol

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    I hope they'll make it for me... I call it the Titonic...its a gin and tonic with lime margarita slush added in like an iceberg...after a few it will sink ya!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robin1373 View Post
    I am all about the Rick James
    Are the ingredients for a Rick James... Hennessy,(congnac) Bacardi (rum) and 7-Up?

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    Having done Couples 7 years in a row and Appleton Estates twice I have fallen in love with rum in my drinks. I often take drinks that normally aren't made with rum and use it as the liquor instead. Ya mon, problem. Always remember that the bars have drink recipes listed so after you drink your way through that you can go back and do it again! Ask for a VX rum punch to get the better Appleton rum in it. You can also ask for a float of overproof rum on top of your drinks. There is always the drink of the day. Can't wait for this April to do it all again at CSA.

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    If I recall correctly, the bartenders at CTI called the extra float "Black on Top". I loved that, and have to be careful not to ask for drinks that way back here at home.

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    CTI - 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffnCheri View Post
    Disaronno on the rocks with a touch of rum cream...
    Does anyone have a name for this drink? Love amaretto and rum cream separately, but together? That sounds interesting! Have to give it a try.

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