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    Default Couples rewards tshirts

    My husband and I will be returning in March for our 2nd trip to CSA. My question is about the tshirts - are they in men's sizes? Do they run big? Small? Thanks in advance for your response.

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    They usually have men's and woman's sizes. If they don't fit, you can trade them in for a different size.
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    Unisex and they run very small
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll ask for a larger size. 10 more days...can't come soon enough!

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    When we got ours last May, there were definitely Mens and Womens sizes. They fit perfectly true to size. Hmm, did they change them again?
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    Very small. They also shrink a little

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    When we got ours at CTI in February 2014, there were men's and women's. Sizes were true, but they shrink a little. As mentioned earlier, you can always swap them for a different size if they don't fit. Depending upon availability.

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    In September 2014, there were men style and ladies style (v-neck). I think they run small and then they also slightly shrink. I wish they'd bring back the ones they gave away in 2006. I loved those and the 2 I have are falling to pieces because I have worn them so many times over the past 9 years.

    Michelle G ~ can you put a bug in someone's ear to bring back the old-old style shirts. The one I have has the picture of CN's pool on the back of the shirt. Nice beefy shirt that doesn't shrink and is true to size. I much prefer this one over the current ones.
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