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    What is everyone's prefered method of booking? Do you find the best deal going through couples and is the transportation set up for you like it is when we go through AAA? I had our agent price out our trip in October and seems to be more than if I went through Couples and booked myself. I guess I'm just afraid that I won't catch something that my agent made sure we had. Safe to say that once I book my stay, that my transportation to and from is assumed in that price? Do you book your flight separately to save money? Just trying to get "home" the cheapest way while making sure I capture everything my agent would.

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    I did, but being from Canada, the drop in the dollar is going to change my booking method for next year I fear.

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    The way we book may not give the best deal, but is competitive. It gives us peace of mind.

    We use a travel agent. We do this for a couple of reasons. The travel agent does all of the searching for us. Did you ever notice that there is a special travel login page at many of the travel related websites? This is because travel agencies have more buying power than the general public. They get better deals because they make many purchases per year vs the one or two purchases by someone from the general public. The travel agencies have contracts with the airlines, resorts, and motels that guarantees a better price than the general public.

    We don't need to worry about all of the little details about our trip. We tell the travel agent what we want and they make all of the arrangements.

    We spring for the travel insurance. We actually needed to use this once. Something came up and we needed to change the date we were supposed to go to Jamaica. Without this insurance, changing these dates would have been next to impossible. Or at the very least a lot more expensive than the insurance by the time we paid all of the penalties and fees to change our airline tickets. Some airline tickets can't be changed without this insurance. The insurance also included medical coverage. Something that could be useful in an emergency.

    Finally, we have someone to call for help if anything goes wrong. We leave from an area that has winter. What if something happened like our flight got canceled because of weather? We would have someone to call to make arrangements. Much easier and less stressful to make a single call to our travel agent if something goes wrong. Our travel agent knows what to do and who to contact to fix things that can go wrong.

    Price isn't everything. Sometimes service is worth a little extra money. Isn't this why we pay more money to go to Couples. There are cheaper places to go in Jamaica. But do they give the same service? We pay more money for Couples because we want a better experience.

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    3 out of 4 times I booked directly with Couples. That's because my TA for our first trip screwed up our reservation and got us the wrong room. Now I only book directly with Couples and without airfare (because I book so far in advance that plane tickets usually aren't available yet). I like to know what I'm getting, and changing the rate with Couples, when a better deal comes around, is easy.

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    I check out the travel sites and then compare their prices with booking directly with Couples. Many times the travel sites have flight options that are not available on the Couples website. Then I start looking on Google for coupon codes. I have gotten up to $600 off just by entering a coupon code on a travel website. Remember, travel agents are in the game to make money. They will not spend hours searching for the perfect flight combination to get you to Couples by lunchtime like you can do yourself. Most of the poor schmucks that you see arriving at the resort at 7pm have booked through a travel agent. You give the travel agent your dates and they book you to fly in/out on those dates without looking for the perfect flight. My elderly parents have booked 2 tours in Europe through travel agents in the last few years. Both times, I had to fix some things that the travel agent had screwed up. I also got a quote from a travel agent for our upcoming 2 week trip to Thailand trip this fall. I ended up beating the travel agent's price by $2500 just by spending a few hours putting everything together myself. Some people say they use a travel agent for peace of mind. I book myself for peace of mind, I know that I did it right!!

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    We have always used a TA for our trips. We just booked for November 2015 and priced it through several online booking sites and it was only $80-$100 more to book with the TA. So, for us, that extra $80-$100 is well spent for us knowing that everything is booked correctly and if we have any issues, we have someone to contact that that take care of us. We have always booked room/air at the same time, not sure if its cheaper for us one way or the other since we haven't priced it any other way.

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    We booked with a travel agent. After doing a lot of research we found it to be cheaper in our case. The travel agent was about 50 bucks cheaper then I could book the same rooms and flight for myself. BUT the real reason we used the agent was for the great travelers insurance and advise we got. The insurance lets us cancel at anytime up until we check in for our flight for a FULL refund minus the cost of the insurance. The insurance was 140 a person. That was important to us as our youngest son who is 4 had a heart transplant a couple years ago and we need to need to be able to do what we need to do if something comes up with him. Our agent also found us the best flights to get us there at a decent time. I'm sure some agents just slap your dates in the computer and see what pops up but If you find a good one they can be a great help. Our agent has been to couples several times and can answer all the specific questions you man have about rooms, food, what to pack, etc..

    So I think it's whatever gives you the most piece of mind. I good agent can be very helpful but I suppose a bad one can make your life miserable.

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    EricW what are you putting in Google search to find these savings with coupons for travel websites? Thanks

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    I've done it every which way but loose and always ended up at CSA. Check them all and get the best deal you can.

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    We use the preferred travel agents on the Couples website and have always been given a better price than booking directly through Couples. We book our own flights as we book over a year in advance and flights aren't available yet. This allows us to control what time of day we get in. Couples always provides your transportation to and from the airport.

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    we booked For a 8 night stay, the rate was about $180 less than the couples site...but, Couples is giving the $250 resort credit, so it's a $70 difference. We book air seperately

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadofsprout5 View Post
    we booked For a 8 night stay, the rate was about $180 less than the couples site...but, Couples is giving the $250 resort credit, so it's a $70 difference. We book air seperately
    It doesn't matter where you book your trip you should receive the resort credit. The credit is for booking the resort not for booking with Couples.
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