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    Default Best time to book-May or July

    We have only visited CSA in May and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on May or July? We are trying to book through a holiday to get that extra day from work. Has anyone traveled these months and preferred one over the other? When we went in May it only rained one day, but my husband is worried about July being hurricane season

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    July is the very beginning of hurricane season. I wouldn't let that deter you. And I'm guessing you are looking at booking over the 4th of July. Hurricane season starts July 1st and there is hardly ever a hurricane in July. (I've never heard of any.) As for weather, it's about the same as it was in May (for us). Either one is a great choice.
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    July is bound to be more humid and you may see an afternoon rain shower. If it were me, I'd choose May.

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    Hi! We went the first week in June and it rained pretty much everyday. The mornings would be nice but by lunch time the rain would start. Sometimes with lightning. Some days it would only last an hour or so and others it kept going through the night. We went in April once and it was pretty dry and hot. We did go in October 2012 and got hit with Hurricane Sandy at the beginning of out trip. Even though the effects of the hurricane altered our stay in some ways, it was still fun!
    I don't think that there is ever a 100% guarantee that you will have nice weather EVERY day but it's pretty much a guarantee that you WILL enjoy your time at Couples! I think I would choose May out of the two months... probably a bit cooler and maybe less rain. Enjoy!!

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    I've been ito Negril in both May and July. Had about the same amount of rain both times, just afternoon showers. The big difference was the humidity. July was much more humid. I'd go with May...and its sooner!

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    Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm just now need to find someone to watch the kid and fur baby. Hoping to get this booked soon

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