(also posted on the Meet Up board for CN April 2012)
We are arriving at CN on Thursday, April 12. Dennis (the hat maker) is there on Thursday and Saturday. I always buy a hat on the first day...but I am afraid we might get in just a little late (maybe 4:30 or 5 or so) and miss him. Can you think of a way to have Dennis leave a hat for me on Thursday and would pay him on Saturday? I know he would have no problem with that as last time I was too lazy to go to my room for cash, so he let me take a Thursday hat and I payed on Saturday.

Two thoughts: 1) if someone reading this will be at CN on Thursday, April 12, please ask Dennis for a hat and tell him I will see him on Saturday the 14th (then leave it at the front desk for Robert & Linda). 2) Perhaps there is a Couples staff member who could do the same? (leave hat at front desk)

I sincerely appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!