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    It totally trips me up when I have to leave out the staff.
    Let's just say they are absolutely incredible and the OTHER great things are:
    1) Relaxed atmosphere
    2) Food
    3) Ambiance

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    Impossible to leave out the staff; the biggest reason we have "gone home" so many times.
    After that the island, the island, the island.................... We also have made so many great friends on the island.
    It is the most laid back, relaxing place on earth!
    Close behind are so many things; just the great Jamaican vibe, Reggae, the food (yum), the privacy of the resort, the history of the resort, the new spa, rum cream..... I could go on and on.

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    1) The Island... of course
    2) Diving with the fantastic dive team!
    3) Amazing Service

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    Piano Bar Retro Look
    The Island
    The food, food, food and food!!!!!!

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    The island.
    The food.
    The seclusion.

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    1. The Island
    2. The staff
    3. The staff on the Island

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    AWWWW... only 3???
    1. The staff. Absolutely amazing.
    2. The hotel itself with everything it is.
    3. The food. Thank God for all the stairs for the excersize to burn off those calories!!!!

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    I know you said besides the staff...but I think it deserves at least an honorable mention again! Amazing staff.
    The food, I'm sure I gained 10 lbs while there
    The view from the Premier Ocean room (amazing sun rises)
    The extra activities (we loved the catamaran cruise, so fun jumping off in out wedding stuff and snorkeled 3 times)
    But seriously, above all of that is the staff. They pay such great attention to their guests and seem to really care about making your stay an amazing one.

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    1. I am not knee deep in snow
    2. I don't have to cook
    3. I am not knee deep in snow

    But seriously.... besides not being able to say the staff which is #1
    The food, the island, and the relaxing atmosphere.......

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    Ok, so other than the fantastic staff and service, I’m going to try to think of (just) 3 particular to each of the 3 Couples we’ve visited (so that rules out listing food and drinks, since it’s awesome at all of them)

    1) the “in your face” ocean view from our Deluxe room in building 4
    2) the decor (in not only the lobby, but the rooms and all around the resort)
    3) the “zen” spa and in particular the spa hot tubs at night

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    The Island , The old world atmosphere, The Romance and Good Company with best food

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    I am SO excited to read this! We are booking our wedding here next week for next April, and I have never been anywhere on vacation and wasnt sure if I was making the right choice....but it seems that I did. Hopefully I will be able to better answer this question around this time next year!

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    When in April? We just booked our April 2013 trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

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    It's very difficult to answer this question for me. As I remember, you can't pick just three. It's so much more like the overall peaceful feeling we all want in our everyday lives but rarely find due to the drive of obligations. With that being said, I've tried to find another place even comparable and I just cannot. The memory of the down to earth lovely staff, music that's just right, beautiful beach, the island, amazing food accomodations bc of gluten allergies, cozy beds to sleep in as long as I want, smell of the ocean, endless activities day or night, a variety of pool activities-- relaxing or interactive... You have to go and experience it for yourself. It's a different interpretation for everyone but yet one love, for all. Enjoy!

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    Besides the staff (has to be said because they were all SO friendly & helpful):

    1. The island
    2. Scuba diving
    3. Beach volleyball

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