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    What is proper or acceptable when entering the AN area at CN for the start of your day?Do we drop our clothing or wait till we locate our turf for the day? Once while at GL we had to walk through the AN area to our room and back and would feel funny with a suit on so I would take it off at the begining and replace it at the end,silly but necessary?We like to walk along the beach and ive noticed you could walk right into the An area,we dont want to seem like we are not participating....

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    Go into the area behind the tall hedge(on your left looking out to sea), drop your gear at your chosen chairs, drop your inhibitions, and drop your clothes. The rest is up to you, but no real 'etiquette' necessay; just ensure you drop your clothes within a reasonable number of minutes, which is about the only 'rule'.

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    I'm sure there will be lots of posts to your question, but here's our two cents worth.

    RELAX! Take your time and find your spot.
    RELAX! Put your things down on your lounger.
    RELAX! Disrobe and enjoy your day while you RELAX!
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    While I've never been to CN, I've been to CTI, CSS and many other A/N places and there should never be any pressure to take off your clothes as fast as possible. We've been first-timers and a bunch of different places and while you're a little nervous because you don't know the ins and outs of each place, we've never ever felt like we had to take our clothes off the second we crossed some imaginary line that doesn't exist. There's pretty much 3 given rules at every A/N place I've been to...(1) ALWAYS sit on a towel, (2) no public sexual displays and (3) Have a blast enjoying the day naked!

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    Do exactly as Janicek says and you will be fine. Try it, you'll like it.

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    We just came back from our first A/N experience at CSS. It was very much like Janicek said. Just go find your spot, pull up a couple of chairs, get your towels out and undress when you have done all that and are relaxed. That is how most did it.

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