We had such a GREAT time this past January at CN, it's all we have been talking about, that After seeing this special I surprised my girl by booking for Jan 5-Jan 12 2013!! I sent her a text telling her to check her email! The reservation confirmation was there! Im sure everyone in her office thought she Just won the lottery!! I see on the pinned thread at the top alot of people are mad and upset that their dates don't fit into the sale dates and are really hammering Randymon. All sales and promotions have set dates and rules. It's still early so keep an eye out for something else to come along and save you a few $$. We will! All i can say is we have NEVER been to the same place twice. We had the best time last year! We will be paying the same as we did for the same week this year as long as the flight home isn't a huge increase. Our flight to MBJ on caribbean air is booked and $65 less but we return into Boston on jet blue and they don't book that far out. we will have $400 in resort credits too so it should even be less! Thanks Randymon and Couples!! 305 days and counting!!