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    Default Skimpy swim suits at CN????

    My hubby and I are going to CN for the first time on the 29th! I have never seen the ocean and I am super excited. We didn't have a real honeymoon so this will be it! I just recently bought a lacy, pretty skimpy swim suit for strolling on the beach and getting some sun. I know that you can go topless on the beach so this is probably not a big deal? It covers what it is supposed to cover but, it is almost like lingerie! Any thoughts?

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    If you and your hubby like it and are comfortable with you in it in public, go for it!

    Would help if you posted pics of you in it on here for clarification! LOL

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    I doubt it will be a problem, but if once in Jamaica you feel uncomfortable for revealing too much, then simply throw on a cover-up.

    I recommend bringing more than one swimsuit. I usually bring four for one week. If you find your lacy swimsuit to be too skimpy for your comfort level, then simply take it out of rotation.
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    Wear it and see what happens. Seems to be a carefree place that won't judge you.

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    Wear what you want.

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    Wear what you want or skip the suit altogether and hang out on the al natural side of the beach.

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    Wear what you like. No problem mon!

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    Go with it!!! You will be surprised at the variety of swim wear. It's what ever YOU feel comfortable wearing.

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    By the way, pack several swim suits. You will probably want a fresh and DRY one the next day.

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    I've seen some pretty skimpy suits there before - mostly on the beach, not so much at the pool. I say, go for it!

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    don't worry aabout it! You are there with your husband!!! My husband likes for me to wear suits with thong bottoms and I am not anything near a size no problem, mon!

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    Sounds lovely and since you have the figure for it, wear it and be proud, just have a cover-up for when you are going to the bar or restaurant. Unfortunately, I have to wear swimdresses as I lost my figure and can't find You will love CN, we have been three times and can't wait to get back there, PARADISE....

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    You will see it all in various forms on the Beach @ CN or CSA (both on different parts of 7 mile beach).

    As you stated, topless is fine, skimpy is up to you and your comfort/courage level.

    Most will state that so long as it covers the essentials, they are ok with it. We've seen lots of different suits on the beach, from sheer wicked weasels ( to various other forms of skimpiness, so it's up to you. The textile side IS for bathing suits, so as long as it covers the bare essentials, you'll be perfectly fine (in our opinion).

    For the most part I think, as long as you aren't flaunting your wares in front of everyone (ok, maybe for your hubby a bit ), and are being respectful to the other guests on the beach, I highly doubt you'll have any issues.

    You'll want a sarong or a cover of some kind for walking around the resort itself, but on the beach, what you wear is pretty much up to you.

    And, there is of course, the AN option as well. Not for everyone, which is totally fine and completely understandable, but it's something to think about.

    Congrats on your delayed honeymoon! I'm sure you will have a great trip!

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    Wear what you want but be sure and take multiple. Can take a day or two to dry out. Saw a lot of variety when we were there in November.

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    Sounds like you want to wear your suit; please feel free, it'll be great for you. You and husband should also consider the AN area, which is one small step 'further', and a suit isn't necessary.

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    Thanks everyone for the great advice! I am not worried one bit about it now! I do have another swim suit that will be better for swimming and walking around, unlike the lacy one! Can't wait! 22 days and counting until Paradise!!!! We will take lots of pics!

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    Default Too funny

    Quote Originally Posted by va couple View Post
    If you and your hubby like it and are comfortable with you in it in public, go for it!

    Would help if you posted pics of you in it on here for clarification! LOL
    Too funny.

    I say wear what you want or not wear depending what side of the hedge you are on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by va couple View Post
    Would help if you posted pics of you in it on here for clarification! LOL
    ....Agree. We will want pics!

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    The great thing that attracted my wife and I to Jamaica and to Couples in particular is the adult only enviroment that encourages being a bit sexier than we are at home. It's an adult vacation that allows us to be adventurous. We've never been to Jamaica or to an A/N beach but we are planning on giving it a try next week. I even bought my wife a couple of Brazilian micro thong bikinis for our trip and she's excited to wear them. She's never wear them at home or on other vacations. I say wear what you'd like if it feels good to wear it and take advantage of the opportunity to push the boundaries and enjoy it. Have Fun

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    go for it!!!

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    I will suggest that you post pictures so we can informed advice. Oh wait, my wife reads these messages...forget I even mentioned it.

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