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    Default Repeaters question 2 resort split

    Ok, I have been off the board for awhile, but planning our return in 2013, and honestly cannot decided between our fav 2... So thinking about a split. 5 nights at CN and 4 at CSS. Repeaters perks would apply at one or both resorts?

    CN 06,07
    CSS 08, 10

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    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Both Marie, if they haven't expired.

    it's all about the kids

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    I personally wouldn't do that because you would lose one day just packing, unpacking and traveling. I want to stay and relax once I'm somewhere. Good luck deciding.

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    I believe you are talking about Romance Rewards right? If so they seem to be credits for each days stay and are then "spent" on anything at the resort from room upgrades to spa treatments ,t-shirt, etc. What you qualify for is dependant on how many days you have stayed prior to that trip. I do not think you can get credit for a stay twice in the same trip though and you lose these after 4 years. They also don't apply them to your account for 30 days after you check out so the first stay at CN would not be credited to the second resort stay at CSS. Look at the bottom of Couple's home site and click on the small link for the Romance Rewards for more info.
    Enjoy your stay as just being at Couples is the best perk of all.
    Anyone else know more on this?

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    Marie!!! So good to see you on the board and thrilled to know you guys are thinking of returning home. When?? Maybe we will join you and Dino. Is TW/PW coming? We are looking at this Sept to celebrate our 20th, but hey, 2013 doesn't sound to bad either. Look me up on FB and let's talk!

    In answer to your question, you would be a repeater at both.

    Take care Fireball.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hi - we did this in 2011 (but 7 days at both so we could get the early booking credits at both places). Our first week was needed to bump us into the next repeaters category for the second week. I worked with Couples (Sandyman at the time) and before I left the first resort, I sent an email and they expedited my credit for that week so I could enjoy the proper repeater privileges at the second resort.
    Our split was CSS and CN. I agree that you do lose a day in packing and travel. It was worth it for the 2 week trip. You need to decide if its worth it for your trip.

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