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    Default have a question for crabracer

    sorry to do this on the mb, but I can't find a way to send messages privately.
    I just got back from an amazing CTI honeymoon, but I have a question for you.
    if you get a chance, can you email me.
    no rush, and not a crazy question, just one that I know will not make it on the board. Need someone that has been there many times to give me perspective on something I saw.
    thanks my friend-and thanks for keeping it real on the mb, even if threads get closed.

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    Jenn - you're killing me with curiosity.
    We had a wonderful week @ CTI too. It was great meeting you guys.

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    hi, we have been going to cti. for 27 years, and very fond of the a/n island. if you would like to email me i will try to answer your question.

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    just a question about how people show their appreciation for the staff.

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    I am curious as to how this was answered, we are heading down in Nov '12 and would appreciate some insight on the appreciation topic. Lot's of questions since we have not been to CN before.

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    Crabracer was wonderful and responded promptly. It was specific to cti, so have fun at cn. We will also be at cn soon. Nov 19-26.

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