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    Default Honeymoon at CTI

    Hello. My FH and I just put down our deposit for our honeymoon in May 2010 staying at the CTI resort. We are very excited and I just wanted to know from people who went there some pros and cons (if any) that you have. What is something that we should do for sure before we leave? We will be there for 11 days, we are very active, both 27, like to have fun =)

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    My husband and I went there for the first time in June. We have never been to a Couples before so we had no previous ideas of what it was supposed to be like. We enjoyed our time, and found our 7 days to be very pleasant. I would recommend:

    1. Signing up for romance rewards now so that the stay can be credited towards your future trips

    2. Take advantage of the stay and play. Go see CSS which isn't too far away (I think that's the one by CTI). We didn't do that, instead we stayed at CTI the entire time. I got a little bored after about day 5 so I would have liked to have gotten out to see the other place.

    3. Take advantage of the excursions. My husband and I didn't do that because we had taken an active vacation the week before going to Jamaica. So we really wanted to sit and relax. But like I said, at about day 5 I started getting restless. Looking back I probably should have done the Dunns River Falls and other such attractions.

    4. I'm not much of a drinker, but I did try several new drinks that I would not be able to afford on a regular basis in the states (like crown royal mixed in my strawberry daiquiri). We also tried all the restaurants even if the dining didn't sound good to my normal pallette. (not many people are super pleased with Bayside being Asian, but it was good). I tried food I wouldn't normally eat, afford, or even know how to prepare.

    5. Sing in the piano lounge. So my husband and I are music teachers, but we don't sing for fun. Yeah, I know...sounds weird. But our second to last night we sang and had a ball You'd be surprised at how many people have beautiful voices. The piano player is good (order him a cranberry juice on ice) and just watch him play.

    6. If you're a nudey lover-go the island. If you want sun on your jibbly bits, but your hubby does not then go topless off the end of the pier. If you don't want either, just lay out and get a tan. But bring more sunscreen than you think you need. We went through 3 bottles.

    7. Definetly do the Catamaran cruise. It was a beautiful, amazing thing to be swimming in "no problem" cove. You'll understand what I mean when you get there. Sign up early though.

    8. Indulge in the spa. The facial was amazing. There are some really talented massage therapists there.

    9. If you're a super active couple, don't waste your money on a super indulgent room because you won't be there that much. I thought I would want a room with a jacuzzi sweet, and yeah that would have been wonderful. But for the price, I just couldn't justify it, especially after I spent almost all of my time outdoors. Now, if you plan on being holed up-then get one. Just re-prioritize your lists of things you want to do. We were not an over-active social couple. We were around, and people saw us and we chatted. But we did not make any "friends" with anybody. Not because we are unfriendly, but because our vacation was time for us to relax and numb our brains before returning to school.

    10. Pack light. Don't try to smuggle Cubans cigars in-you'll be interrogated, threatened, searched and then they'll seize whatever they want to label as "Cuban." If you buy the cigars, no matter what the cigar salesman says, ship them home. Pay the cost of shipping. Customs will take them, even if they are labeled Jamaican and you have the receipt. The custom guys can take your underwear if they simply suspect it might be Cuban. I'm not kidding!

    Most importantly, take lots of pictures and have fun! We're going back, but we will probably try Negril. You don't get to see the sunsets on the Ocho Rios side, so we are going to try the Negril side next time.

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    Default honeymoon at CTI

    We honeymooned there waaaay back in 2000 and it was a dream vacation. Definitely do Dunn's River Falls, it's a really cool thing to do and you can get a good video which turned out to be a great keepsake from our trip. The catamaran cruise was another highlight, crystal clear water in a secluded bay, a very lively staff, drinks, fun games etc. We spent a few hours on the Island too, which is cool. We had never done anything like that and found it to be much more relaxing than we thought. The only negative...We took a cab to a local market and paid alot for the cab and the market was not worth it and we didn't feel very safe.

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    Ziplining is a must---had a blast!!!

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    Thanks we are really excited and can't wait to go...256 more days!!!

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