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    Default Any golfers looking for players in Ohco Rios on the week of March 17?

    We will be staying at Tower Isle. I like to play early and get back on the resort as soon as possible. I will be playing at least two rounds and maybe every day if the course is great.

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    we will be at CTI mar 21-27. looking for golf buddy as well

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    Bama X2 - My wife and i will be there march 17-24...we also live in Helena...I do play golf but not planning on playing that week... Look forward to meeting yall.

    Claude and Jennifer

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    Helena, Alabama? Are you serious? What are the chances of that? Go to the Couples Ocho Rios facebook page and friend me if you are on fb.

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    Pong, my name is Brad (and Denise) Wheeler. Get in touch when you arrive and we will play around. We look forward to meeting you guys.

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    Claude, I just checked fb and the page is listed as "Couples, Montego Bay". I just posted a golf post on it. Friend me.

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    What time do yall fly in??? we arrive into Mobay on 3/17 @ 11:30...I will look at face book tonight.


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    We will be there about 2:00 I think.

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    My husband enjoys golf, we'll be there 3/17-3/24, hoping to meet up with you! It won't be long now!

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    We look forward to meeting you guys, Godiva.

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    We're arriving at 11:45 on 3/17. See you in the lounge!

    I blush because this seems like such a ridiculous question...but do you bring your own clubs from home? I have a lot of trouble convincing my husband to check bags, but if everyone else brings their own I will try to help him overcome his natural distaste for the luggage carousel!

    8 days, 13 hours and 17 minutes!

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    Yes, I am bringing my clubs. If your husband does not want the hassle he can rent them for about $60 per round at the course.

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    Hey Claude,

    do you guys want to meet at Papa Saias in Helena for a beer before we go? Denise has about a thousand questions about TI and it would be fun to meet you before we go.

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