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    Default CSA in September?

    My husband just learned he will have some extra time off September 6-11 and immediately I thought of booking CSA. However after reading several forums about the Caribbean being hurricane season in September, it has scared me off a bit.
    Has anyone ever visited CSA in September and if so what was the weather like? Were the waves in the water larger than usual and was the water clear? I know we can't predict what the weather will be like this year but I'd at least like some past history.

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    Almost all of our trips have been in late August. We have only had to alter our travel plans once because of weather(in 7 trips). The lower price is worth the gamble in our minds. Go and have fun.

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    Just book and get travel insurance just in case. Have fun!

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    Living in the tropics (South Florida), I can tell you that what happened one, two, five or ten years ago has little to do with what will happen this year. We were at CSA for Sandy in 2012, and will be there this September, and every other April and October. One thing you CAN be sure of...there will be weather! Go. Enjoy! See you there if it's 9/4-14!

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    That is peak hurricane season meaning even if there are no hurricanes it can be very rainy. Check out averages on Weather

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    I checked for you. Sept 2014 had 5.46 inches of rain over the normal 4.38. In comparison Jan 2015 had .61 inches, normal is 1.44. Rainy season ends at end of Nov. This was for Montego Bay.

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    I have been at CSA in every month from August to December and have had mostly excellent weather. Two things to consider: first, CSA is on the west end of Jamaica and most hurricanes hit the south and east side of the island. Second, the worst of hurricane season is mid-September. I would not miss an opportunity to go to CSA on the premise that there might be a hurricane.
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    We have been to CSA 3 of the last 4 years, in 1st week of September. As always in the tropics, you get some afternoon pop up storms- but typically the weather has been beautiful. As noted, it is the start of the "peak" of hurricane season-so it would be prudent to retain the travel insurance. Negril is on the west coast of Jamaica, and I believe has been spared the devastating damage that comes with some of the really bad storms. Either way, it is somewhat futile worrying about issues that you have no control over. Book it, get the insurance -and have a ball. As for waves- bigger waves in your bathtub ! We will be there celebrating our 28th, 1st week of this September ! wooo wooo ! mike

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    We actually decided not to go and are staying somewhere else. Sadly the Couples price increase did us in. We had not realized there was such a hefty increase. As much as we love Couples, sadly it is no longer in our budget. We try to take 2 week long Caribbean trips per year. If we now stay at Couples, we can only do one. While we love Couples the most, the price tag for us is just not worth it.

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