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    Default 2009 CN Anniversary Party Question

    Has anybody heard what the colors are going to be for this years party? Last year it was white and a beautiful green color....
    Just Curious...

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    Anybody???..... Randymon? Seanmon?

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    Randymon gets back into town tomorrow, and I will ask when I get to the office in the morning. We shall know the colors soon.
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    could you add the colors for Swept Away's party as well.


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    If you wouldn't mind, throw in CTI's too. THANKS!!!

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    What is the anniversary party?

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    Couples Anniversary Parties are kind of like Birthdays… Its when each Couples resort became, well….COUPLES! (My understanding anyway!)

    CN is October 10th
    CSA is October 9th
    CSS is Jan 16th
    CTI is Jan 17th

    It’s a beautiful, magical night, Couples spares no expense for these parties. If your able to go during one of them its well worth it. They usually don’t have a theme, but they have specific colors to the event. Last year at CN it was White and a beautiful green color.

    Still waiting and hoping to find out what this years colors will be at CN.

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    Well cool! We arrive at CN on Oct 10th!! I'm sure I'll be dead to the world tired (I won't be getting much sleep at all the night before) but I won't miss that!

    Is there anything special I should bring for it?

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    No, you do not have to bring anything for the party. Last year some people knew what the colors were going to be ahead of time, so they had clothing to compliment the evening.

    Seandymon, Randymon, has anything been decided yet?

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    We unknowingly came in to the CN anniversary party one year
    and what a great surprise it was! They had built a huge stage which had awesome bands playing all night and the food was fabulous. It was a very festive, lively evening outdoors. You all will really enjoy this.

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    This will be my last time asking. This thread keeps falling to the next page...
    Any idea's yet???

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    At least let us know that even you don't know!!! LOL

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    This is the reply I got from Randy.....

    "Going Green at CSA and CNG will be about The Four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water"

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    well the theme has been announced for both resorts. see the post from Randymon

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