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    SweptAway is where we go, again and again, for our relaxing beachtime. New experiences are for our "other" vacations, and THOSE are important, too!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I had the same thought when we first arrived at CN in 2011; after 24 hours there I understand why there is so many repeaters. We are heading back for our third year in a row in 2013. Can't wait!!!

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    I posted something similar a while back because I felt the same way as you. I stress out so much when I plan a vacation because I want to make sure that everything is perfect. It takes a lot of time and research!

    So after we went to CSA for the first time, I told my husband that I just wanted to go back there because we already know how great it is -- why should we run the risk of trying to find something else? So we did! Went back to CSA and it was even better than the first time because it was like going home. Some staff even remembered us!

    Our next vacation, we decided to make a dream trip to Italy. Italy was amazing, but it was so mentally and physically exhausting... not to mention, expensive! I have to admit that even while we were there, I was thinking about planning our next trip to CSA. I longed for the "no worries" mentality and true relaxation.

    Now, my only worry is whether my friends and family will judge me if I go back during the Fall 2012 and AGAIN in Spring 2013! But as everyone has been saying, "Once you go, you know." :-)

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    Iím a repeater. I can change if I have to. I guess. Not happening.

    Life is good

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    We have become crazy repeaters, and have no remorse. With that said, we still do go to other places, just not in the Caribbean during the cold months in Ohio. We have hosted students from 18 countries, so in the summer time we may visit one of them in their homeland, but we always talk about and come back to Couples Negril to escape the could. How bad is it? One exchange student from Brazil, who has lived with us while going to college here and has become a son to us, is getting married in October, they moved their dates because we had already decided to go to Couples Swept Away and although we had not made our reservations yet, we weren't changing since it was our 40th Wedding anniversary. We also found out, there are no flights from Jamaica to Brazil without flying back to the US first. Is good Mon!

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    There are still too many places I want to see - Italy included. I wish Couples had resorts worldwide.

    Plus we love cruising. That was the one downer at CTI - the menu didn't change the 2 nights we ate at Verandah or 8 Rivers.

    This is where we will go when we just want to "get away from it all" though. Perfect R&R.

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