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    Default second time around

    4/21-28 our date for our second time around and hopeing to see
    some of the other couple we meet last yr.[

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    Which resort?

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    If you were on the island last year you would have met myself, husband Keith, and the April Amigos. Some of us will be there a little earlier this year. We're leaving for CSS on 4/21.

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    If your experience is anything like ours, I'm sure you will. Many couples like to return to the same resort at the same time of year. Last November, on our first morning on the beach at CN, we're spreading out our towels and I hear a voice saying, "Hey, how are you guys doing?". It was a couple we met last year, and we will see them again this year, along with several others. It really does make it feel like home.
    Janice and Keith in FL

    CTI 2009
    CN 2010 2011 2012 2013 2015

    CSS 2014

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    I always tell people that going back to the same resort year after year, is like going back to camp. If anyone ever went to summer camp, returning each year, they would see all their favorite friends and also see all their counselors.

    For us, returning to CTI for the 33 time this April, is like going to summer camp for adults. We see many of our friends each time we are there. We also see our favorite counselors, or staff. We know the routine of the camp. We play some of our favorite games, have great food, and get to laugh and play. Truly, it is camp for grown-ups. Many of us have grown older but have not yet grown up.

    When we discovered Couples in 1995 after having been to Jamaica twice before, our lives became enriched with joy and happiness. In our 45 years of married life, returning to CTI twice a year has given us a new meaning of life. We have always viewed life through our hearts and not through our eyes. And our hearts have been filled with new and exciting people and we all have shared precious moments together.

    During the months that we are not at CTI, many of us keep in touch through Facebook sharing our lives, our sorrows and our love of living. It has been a real life Disneyland filled with smiling, laughing exciting activities and events that have created lasting memories.

    We hope to continue to make our bi-annual pilgrimage for many years to come.

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