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    Default garden verandah suite CSA

    I have booked a garden verandah suite at CSA in May. I would like to know if it is best to get a 2nd or 3rd floor room, or request beach level. Please let me know if you have stayed in any of these. Thanks!

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    We always get a Garden Verandah Suite and we ask for a ground floor corner room. We scuba dive and do not want to haul our stuff up and down stairs. We also like being able to enter and exit through either door.

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    Depends if you want to sleep with your veranda doors open or not. We stayed in an older garden suite before they were converted and updated on the first floor on our honeymoon and we had a second floor on the new side and did prefer that but honestly they are all good. It's about a two minute walk at most to the beach. Some people are bothered by road noise ( not us). Just keep your bathroom window closed. Must be all the sun, fun and booze!

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    We are going in May as well and also booked a GVS, only because hubby wanted a Tv for the morning new.

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    How about the Beachfront Verandah Suite? Which floor is best? Lower or upper level?

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    I prefer ground level. Then when you order room service they just leave it on porch no need to knock. I also think the gardens may block noise, as we never heard anything.

    That being said, May is usually sold out, so requesting at check in they may not have much room to accommodate you. And they do not accept requests prior.

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    We always request ground floor corner but have never had a corner. I like to be able to walk to and from the verandah without using stairs. I come and go a lot while my wife gets ready too. After a day/night of drinking I don't need stairs.

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    Beachvaca, we've had a second floor bfvs and our view was obstructed by palms. I didn't think it was worth the money then but maybe some 2nd floor views are better than others. We had a first floor 4122 and it ROCKED. We couldn't sleep with the veranda doors open but the location and views were awesome. Third floor would be even more private.

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    We've always gotten the GVS.

    In our 2 prior visits, the first time we had a 3rd floor corner room and you could see the ocean from the balcony. The last time we went (May 2010) we had a ground floor room in the middle of the block of rooms (meaning no wall window). Both rooms were great and I always enjoy hanging out on the balcony/patio if I've had too much sun and just want to relax and read. They have ceiling fans which make it very comfortable out there. There's a beautiful koi pond in front of them and the grounds are just gorgeous. We had one of the cats sleeping on our porch a few days. He wouldn't let us touch him but he really enjoyed sunning himself in the corner.

    We return in May as well and are beyond excited to get back!

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    I'd go for a third floor corner room. More privacy, better view and more windows than interior rooms.

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    We stayed in the Garden Verandah suite last year, 3rd floor & we booked the same room again this year because no one is walking by your room, its quiet & if you were where we were we had a great balcony view, day & night!! 70 days...

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    Definitely get a ground floor room! In December we finally got one and loved it. Getting your early morning room service tray delivered right to your verandah and sharing some of your croissants with the cats is so cool. The mother and two of her kittens visited us most mornings. We had a room in front of the smaller koi pond with a view of the beach. We left and entered our room from the verandah most of the time. Remember to bring your key because on a few occasions our maid locked the door on enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA!

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