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    Default Single Digit Dance!

    Today we are celebrating our single digit dance. Nine days from today we will be leaving for 10 nights to CSA
    This our 10th time to Couples resorts 22nd over all to Jamaica

    Maxine & Rich. Long Island, NY

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    We posted that we are leaving in 9 days for 10 nights to CSA. It should have been posted CtI

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    Congratulations!! We leave in 9 days, too! We are headed to CN, though. I'm a little sad about that - just a little - because CSA was my first choice. I much prefer the room style and layout of the resort from what I can see online. Sweetie is rather psyched about trying the au natural beach, though. SO, CN it is. Well, for that reason, AND for the fact that CSA sold out right before we booked. As did our preferred room category at CN.

    But at least we are going! Right?!! We had to book rather late, so I'm glad we were at least able to get what we have. We SOOOO need a vacation!! Jamaica here we come!

    We plan to visit CSA one day during our stay - likely Monday, the 26th - maybe we'll see you there!

    Have a great vacay!!

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    (jealous) 413 days here...

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    9days for us as of today but we are headed to CSA. Can't wait.

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    YAY!! Have fun, can't wait to hear all about it...252 days for us!

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