February 21, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Ponczek, vacation at Couples Resorts, and also stop to make a difference thru Issa Trust Foundation.

Beverly shared her story and said, “Last summer, we collected and donated enough school supplies to fill six boxes weighing just over 60 pounds. There were back packs, spiral notebooks and notebook filler paper, construction paper, pads of wide-lined paper for the younger students, sticky notes, crayons, colored pencils, index cards, colored markers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, scissors, glue sticks, flash cards, boxes of encouragement stickers and a few other things for their very special teachers.

For our ninth trip to Couples Tower Isle, we had gathered supplies to fill a medium sized suitcase for our trip to the school. More of things like mentioned above, extra goodies for the teachers and a small amount of dental care items.

Thanks to the Issa Trust Foundation’s President and CEO, Diane Pollard, we were met at Couples Tower Isle by Alex Ghisays, Couples’ Group Public Relations Director. We were so excited when she came to pick us up for our special field trip! It was a pleasure to meet her.

These children are truly God’s gift. They are so quick to smile, and I know they enjoyed having us there as much as we enjoyed being there with them. They looked so nice in their neatly pressed uniforms. Their happy faces are shining examples of “happy feels better” (something I tell my grandchildren). An education empowers each one of them to be whatever they believe they can be without limits. It’s the single most important thing to a youngster’s perception of their own value in the world. It allows them to dream big and know they matter.

It struck me how much we take for granted, because we can run out to the dollar store and stock up on these things we sent any time we like. If people don’t pitch in, they will, no doubt, run short of supplies once again. While their learning spaces are small and cramped, we were told by Alex that a new building is to be constructed to help alleviate that issue.

As much as we are able to help, we are so happy to do that, because we really reap the benefits from giving and helping others to give. It gives you a purpose outside of your own personal experience and also just plain lifts you up!

Because there are currently180 students (100 boys and 80 girls), I felt bad that we were only able to collect and send eight back packs. I would very much like to continue with this project for the benefit of the children who attend the Three Hills Primary School. We would like to find a way to engage a company in some discounting so we could get a back pack for each child with some spare for new students. With hope and faith all things are possible.”
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