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    Just returned from CSA. What an amazing place. It was our first time in Jamaica and we are so happy we chose Swept Away. We have traveled extensively in the Caribbean and can honestly say CSA is our new favorite place. Now I know why everyone returns again and again. We originally booked an Atrium Suite but upon arrival were given an Beachfront Suite (no extra charge) now how often does that happen!!! The all inclusive extras: snorkel boat, catamaran cruise, water skiing, glass bottom boat, flag service on beach etc. were all included. The food was amazing with a wide variety to please anyone. Yes the rooms are a little rustic but that's part of the charm of this resort. You truly feel like you are on a tropical island. Our room was clean and we never had one single bug - that's saying a lot for the caribbean in August. The people who work at Swept Away are truly the best part of the experience. They were always smiling. They seemed to really enjoy their jobs. We are already planning our next trip this winter and several of our friends will be coming with us. Thanks to everyone on this board for all your information. Swept Away is truly a magical place. Now we know.

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Couples. I see statements like yours all the time. "It was our first time in Jamaica and we are so happy we chose..........."
    Time and time again, people travel to Jamaica for their "first time". Some of them have never been anywhere else, others have been to many places. But as each twosome discover Couples, live the experience and then return to another time and place, they take with them a tiny seed of a love affair. A love affair between the two lovers and the four sisters.

    This November will mark our 30th trip to Jamaica and our 27th to, what is now, CTI. From the moment we set foot into the lobby in 1995, we knew our lives would never be the same. The country, the people and the entire immersion in tropical pleasures, has helped guide the two of us in times of difficulty. Our outlook on life and our approach to deal with "stuff" slowly began to take on the "No problem" attitude.

    Sorry for the rambling, but Couples has become part of our soul and I often wonder, how did we exist before we saw the sun.

    Really glad your "first time" was an wonderful as it could be.


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    I totally agree! We were there 8/21 thru 8/26 & hated to

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    I was there 8/18-8/25 and I too hated to leave. I was in Jamaica once before, stayed at another resort and honestly loved it equally but Couples is home from now on! I was also upgraded to the beachfront room but didn't like it - it wasn't really beachfront, it was second floor with a balcony overlooking the walkway--um, not my ideal location for a beachfront room!, and the balcony was just that-a little balcony with 2 little chairs. I booked and Atrium and after setting foot in the beachfront decided I really wanted that Atrium. I called down and they moved us lickity split, no problems mon! I was T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D. to death with the Atrium! We were first floor with view of the beach/ocean. So way better than the original room...for us anyway. We did have some bugs-itty bitty ants and a few teensy spiders but hey, it's the caribbean and we were first floor and they were mostly isolated to the sink so who cares right?! I just ignored them A couple nights I even brought drinks back to the room and left the slushy residue in the cup and put the cup on the bathroom sink so the bugs has something to "munch" on After I did that I had less bugs...they all got taken away in the cups! It worked out brilliantly

    I'm trying to convince my aunt and uncle to go next year so I have an excuse to go back...not that I need the excuse mind you! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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