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    Default deciding between CTI and CSS

    Please this is our first trip ALONE without kids in 22 years, since our honeymoon. I want it to be our second honeymoon. If fact I would love to re take our vows while we are there. I want it to be perfect. so that being said which one is perfect??/ Please help us I want great food, great drinks great service, friendly servers, nice vacationers when we want to socialize, and not making it a second honeymoon. I want to do things like they listed as excurasions, and I want need a soft, not lumpy bed because I get so sore at night due to my MS nerve pain in my back when I sleep. I know about the stairs I can handle that after going to London last year. but sleeping my bed must be good with a good pillow but that I can bring from home. Please help us make the right choice. thank you for your help.

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    Been to CSS twice, never to CTI.

    CSS is a romantic, beautiful, amazing paradise!
    Great food? Check.
    Great drinks? Check.
    Great Service? Check.
    Friendly Servers? Ya mon!
    Nice vacationers? In our experience, check.

    Comfy beds? coming from a person who only loves her waterbed, Check.

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    We celebrated our 25th anniversary at CSS last year for the same reasons you are - it was our first trip ALONE!! We loved it so much, that we just got back from our second trip last weekend!! Although we haven't been to CTI, you will definately find what you are looking for at CSS - Once you go, you'll know!! Enjoy!!

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    We stayed at both in 2009. Both have all the things you are looking for. We stayed in a one bedroom beach front suite at CSS. We stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite at CTI. Both were wonderful. CSS is spread out while CTI has things centrally located.

    CSS has a secluded AN beach that you walk to while CTI has an AN island that you get to via 60 second boat ride. Wasn't at either so can't comment on the services their.

    CSS has umbrellas around the pool, CTI did not but does have an area that remains shaded the entire day.

    CTI has a Pool Grill (burger/jerk chicken/fries/etc) you walk up and order with self serve soda station and ice cream dispenser. The Pool Grill at CSS was sit down and order.

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    We've been to CSS 3 times and CTI once with with a visit to both coming up in a month. That being said we feel that CSS is the one that is most romantic and beautiful. Both have great food, drinks, beds and service. As for excursions, CTI has an awesome catamaran cruise not available at CSS.

    CSS is more spread out, which allows you to feel like there are fewer people on the resort than are really there. CTI is more condensed so there's less room to roam, which makes it easier to bump into people. CSS has more of a resort feel while CTI has more of a hotel feel.

    In our humble opinion CSS is the perfect place, but you'll really have to do your research and see what works best for you. The good news is that no matter which resort you choose you can't go wrong with a Couples.

    Good luck with your choice!

    Bart & Bug

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