So, the hubby and I recently spent 4 days and 3 nights at a popular all-inclusive resort in Mexico. It was beautiful, there were lots of activities, really nice rooms, lots of restaurant options, should have been perfect, right? But I just couldn't get into it. I enjoyed myself but it just didn't feel....right. I couldn't put my figure on it until the hubby said "This is nice, but it's not Couples...when are we going back to Couples?". I couldn't believe it!!! Is that really my problem? Can I really not vacation anywhere in the world without longing for Couples? I immediately began to try to put my finger on what the real problem was, without comparing it to Couples. First of all, the place was huge, humongous, gargantuan! I like a smaller, more intimate resort like.....never mind, moving on. Okay, so it wouldn't be so bad that this place is as big as the town in Mississippi where I was born if they at least offered daily tours. I can't even find the pool grill...why don't they have a daily tour of the resort? And you know what else? The drinks are weak and the smoothies aren't as good as they are at Co..... ooops, no comparisons. The thing that really made me long for another place was the fact that I had to wear a bracelet....I felt like I was on house arrest, couldn't take it off even to shower for fear of being charged an exorbitant "lost bracelet" fee. Oh, plus the fact that they offered us all of these wonderful "resort credits" which we could barely use - can't use them at the gift shop, can't use them for tours, can't use them for resort photos, can only use 100 in the spa...what's up with that???

So, I have a few justifiable reasons why this trip just didn't do it for me. But the main reason was .... it just wasn't Couples. I can't wait to go home.