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    Default CSA - Beach/Sand question please ~

    My husband broke his ankle in May. We are now post 3 surgerys, cast removed and he is now in physical therapy & slowly walking. The doctors seem to think he will be walking fine in 4 weeks and Jamaica will not be a problem for us. However the doctor said the sand will be good exercise...the physical therapist said the sand will be a challenge.

    We've never been to Jamaica ~ we are staying at Couples Swept Away ~ 4 weeks from today!

    Our question is this ... if anyone has been to Destin or Fort Walton Beach Florida - do you know how thick their sand is on the beach. When you walk on it your feet sink into the sand. Is that how the sand/beach is at CSA ??? Or is the sand more compact and you dont sink as much. We are just concerned about his ankle and mobility. Its not going to stop us from coming. But if anyone can answer this it will give him some insight on what to expect. Looking at pictures of CSA Beach ... it doesn't look thick and it doesn't look like your feet sink into it as bad.

    We'll be the ones walking slowly ... October 8th but smiling and happy to be there

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    Since the amount of foot traffic is high. The sand along the 10 -12 foot area from the water line is packed very hard. The further away from the water line the deeper the sand is . CSA beach os not very deep ( i.e. water line inwards) so chances are you wont have that much of a problem.
    enjoy and always remember to self medicate

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    Great question, I never knew how to ask. As I have very bad knees walking on some sand is difficult. Some is harder than others and you sink in. This is very hard on my knees. If I can get to the ocean of coase I'm fine.I keep looking at the photos of the resort tring to guess if its firm or not.

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    I think he'll be ok. I don't remember the sand being deep.

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    The sand in Jamaica is a little on the coarse side not fine powdery sand. I don't think he will have any problems walking thru the sand. The only problem he might encounter is playing beach volleyball. If that be the case I would float up to the swim up bar.

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    The sand is hard-packed, not to worry. I have shin splints and walking on soft beach is a problem for me, as well. But I walk 7 mile beach without a problem.
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    I have been to those beaches several times and the sand at CSA is much finer (more like powder instead of sugar), so it does pack down a lot more. It is very soft and is not completely packed, so it is comfortable to walk on, but it won't shift beneath you to the same degree as the sand at Destin.

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    Default Broken ankle/CSA Sand

    I broke my ankle in 2005 and had two surgeries to repair it. I still have some trouble getting my foot to cooperate especially first thing in the morning. My husband and I were at CSA in Oct.2007 and I didn't notice the sand being a problem. We will be returning Oct. 10th. When will you be arriving?
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    The sand was not hard to walk on. Pretty compacted the closer you get to the water. There are concrete paths running all through the resort, so the only time you will need to walk on the sand is when you are approaching the water. The only two times I had difficulty were when I tried the beach walk (for exercise with a staff person) he did walk pretty fast and it was a workout. The other time was when my group decided to walk to Hedonism to have a look! It's a long way there and it definately was not worth it!

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    My husband and I have been 4x's ( going for a 5th in March). the sand is soft. I don't ever remember sinking in the sand. I have a bad neck and sand can be a challenge (lot's of tension ) I have never had a problem!

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    From personal experience, I can tell you that your man's bone problems will be solved after walking on the beach. I had a tib/fib fracture that required pins, plates. etc....went on a beach vacation and was right as rain after! The sand at CSA is the answer to all - it's soft and will exercise all those muscles involved - and if that doesn/t work, make a visit to the Martini Bar! Just kidding, walking in sand is the best for ankle healing.

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    Thanks so much for the information. This makes us feel a lot better. We don't arrive until Oct 8th so he has 3 weeks and 4 days to go to physical therapy. I think he will do fine though.

    Another question (I'll probably post on another thread) but does anyone know if there is a walking path in the sports complex?? I am a walker trying to walk 2 miles a day and don't really care for treadmills. I know I can walk the beach but I seem to stroll there instead of walking fast.

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    The sand at CSA is super soft (softer than any I've encountered on the east coast of the states-though I'm not familiar with the sand in the places you mentioned). It gets raked every morning, is cool all day even as it bakes in the hot sun, and it's very easy to walk on...says the girl with no ankle injury

    The area along the water is of course hard packed so you can just walk the water line--you will never have an issue there. However I don't think, as long as you take it easy, your husband will have any trouble. It is a big resort when it comes to walking though--you can walk forever looping the sidewalks through all the buildings of rooms etc so be prepared for that. It's easy to get around-all flat, just lots of walking if you explore both ends of the resort regularly - restaurants, gift shop, bars etc.

    As far as walking slowly? I was amazed how many people were zooming around! My boyfriend and I were totally in "the moment" and just sauntered everywhere we went...never in a hurry, never moving faster than necessary whether it be along the water, along the sidewalks, or wherever. We had nowhere to be and that's just how we liked it! So, walk slow and enjoy every minute of it! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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