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    Default Warning about new couples mats

    Im at CN right now and notice that some of those fantastic couples floating mats seem like they are brand new (yea! There are plenty). However if use the new spray-on sun block that contains a fair amount of alcohol, here's a word of warning. The alcohol in this stuff will transfer the ink from the mats to your can end up with a smeared mat and blue ink circles on your back! The solution is to either turn over the mat so the logo faces down, or put a towel between you back and the mat. Have fun!

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    We learned this too when were at CTI last year. My husband ended up with a temporary Couples logo tattoo on his back! It was pretty funny!! Like you, we turned them upside down before laying on them from that point on!

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    Thanks for the warning. We'll be at CTI in 26 days and we will watch out if there are any new mats there.

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    So, if someone were to use an alcohol-based sun block, lie *very very* still on the mat (logo up!) then very carefully turn over, they could get a Couples logo tan?


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    Great heads up!

    Similarly, handling the reusable water bottle at CTI with sunscreen on your hands causes the Couples logo to rub off.

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    Who said they didn't have some smart advertising agency working for them. Tattooed guest. lol

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    Thanks for the heads up. We'll be at CN in 30 days........but who's counting!

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    Don't want to ruin the tan


    Life is good

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    The newer sunscreens will also cause the coloring to start to wrinkle and peel off on your cell phone covers if they are the harder snap on plastic type. I ruined 2 of them last summer this way. These were not third party knockoffs but straight from the Verizon Store. Go with the softer gel looking ones that are not painted. I guess those with tablets should look out for this as well.

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    i had the same issue last visit w/my red flip-flops. my feet were red the entire time.

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