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Thread: BFS at CSA?

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    Default BFS at CSA?

    Hi All,

    I have been told that the interior of the BFS is usually almost identical to the atrium rooms. It doesn't look that way from the picture online. What can we expect?


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    The room is very similar except some of the BFS have the bed set on a 45 deg. angle. Some also have a small sitting area. What you can expect is to have your mind blown!

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    We've been in both... however, the two times we were in the BFS, we got one of the units that have the single suite on the bottom floor.

    NOMINALLY.... the BFS are, indeed, the same as the Atriums with the exception of the three buildings I describe above. Inside, they're all about the same. Outside, these single bottom suites have huge wrap-around verandahs. These also happen to be oriented at an angle to the beach. But one of the top suites has a bit of a small verandah. Oh... and they are ON the beach.

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    Same. Different view when you open your door. Spend the extra couple bucks and stay right on the beach.

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    if you're looking at the 360 degree view, the Atrium pic is a 2nd floor, and the beachfront is 1st floor. Some slight variations in layout, but basically the same room.

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    Also the upstairs has a slightly different layout than the downstairs in both types of rooms. I am not sure which level is shown in the pictures. We stay in the BFS when we go. Can't beat walking out your door onto the beach and what a sunset view!

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