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    Default CSA-Eligibility fr Repeaters Dinner

    We were guests at Swept Away about 15 years ago, 3 years in a row, before it was a Couples Resort. I know that they go back only 5 years for Rewards, but would we be elegible for the Repeaters Dinner?

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    From my interpretation under the romance rewards quide you would not be eligible.
    Young Love [6-13 Nights Stayed]
    Trading Places Pass for one day / exchange (10am- 4pm) with a Couples Resort in the same town, subject to availability, reservation required 24 hours in advance.
    Couples t-shirts
    Invitation to the Repeat Guest Dinner (one invitation per stay)
    $100 Resort credit*
    Couples' snack pack upon departure

    Looks as though you must have at least 6 nights of stay within the most recent four calendar years. Any nights earned drop off completely after four years
    Mick, Hanover PA

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    Still waiting--Does anyone have an answer?

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    Use the contact us link on the bottom of the page and ask Couples directly. They are usually very accommodating and want you to be happy. You may not get the resort credits or t-shirts but the repeaters dinner may work out. Make sure to remind them when you pre register and when you arrive.

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    Look in the mirror and repeat after me... we... are... repeaters!

    Tell them when you check in... and they will take care of the rest. I've met many people at the repeater banquet who have returned after many years of well... life. That happens.

    Couple goes to Jamaica for honeymoon, for example... next thing you know, Jamaican babies happen. All too soon, they're 15 years old and you can leave them with auntie or uncle to reclaim that magic.

    Trust me... you're gonna love it!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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