Inspired by a recent thread asking for peoples favorite drinks, I am hoping for answers to the following drink questions before we head out in only 25 days for our fourth trip home to CN! I am always so bad at trying something new or different when we are there, and I am vowing to stray a bit from my "usuals" this time around!!!

1. I LOVE the rum punch they serve on the Cat Cruise, and in that recent drink thread I mentioned above, someone said you can also get rum punch at the resort bars as well .... is this true? I've just never seen anyone drinking them or asking for them at the bars, so I was curious.

2. also LOVE the dirty bananas and hummingbirds, and again heard something about asking for them "filthy" which will result in extra dark rum being poured on top ... is this a pretty common practice with all the bars/bartenders? Or do I just ask them for an extra splash of dark rum when I order?

3. despite how much I love the dirty bananas and hummingbirds, I try to stick with only one or two of them in the AMs as they get a bit heavy and switch over to my standard vodka slushes for the remainder of the day interspersed with some Red Stripes. I am intrigued with the mention of a vodka and ting or absolut citron and ting in the drink string I read and may have to add these to the rotation. Question: could I ask that absolut citron be used in my vodka slushes as well? And/or have them add a splash of ting to them? Anyone have any other drinks similar to the vodka slush they would recommend I try? I just love them cause they aren't too sweet and are super refreshing!!

4. what are some good martinis to try at the piano bar in the evenings?

5. we will be doing the trading places to CSA one day, are there any drinks that are "exclusive" to CSA/CSA's bartenders that we should try? what about food for lunch?

thanks everyone!! Looking forward to trying some new stuff this time, so I hope I get lots of feedback!!