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    I feel like I'm getting high just hearing everyone's stories ... and I haven't even tried the "real stuff" yet ... my first trip to Couples Negril! =D

    You have all certainly set the bar high. Somehow though, from reading what everyone has to say, I know inside it's going to be everything I've been imagining it could be. My wife and I are beach and food junkies. We've always had one or the other on our trips but never both.

    Our AI resorts generally had great beaches with mediocre food, and our cruises had great food, but never enough beach time. We carefully researched out the "right" resort this time that would give us both. It wasn't cheap, but based on these message boards, and threads like this, I feel 100 percent positive we made the right choice.

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    The Couples phenomenon is one of the most amazing things. I never knew that people could be so affected in a positive way, just by going to a resort.
    Of course we all know that Couples is not "just a resort". In fact many people we know don't think of it as a vacation, when they go to Couples. It's more time to get away and spend real quality time with their SO without real life distractions. No responsibilities to speak of. Tranquility surrounds you.
    On our first trip to the then COR in 1995, we met a couple that had been there 21 times. Syl and I looked at each other and couldn't figure out why they would want to come back to the same place time after time.
    By the middle of the afternoon of our first day, we knew why. And in 19 days, or less, we will return to CTI for our 36 visit. Once it gets into your heart and mind, there is no turning back. We restructured our entire life style in order to make our bi-annual trips.
    Couples is truly an oasis of tropical splendor in a world gone mad.


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    Too funny! Hello. My name is Suzi. My husband Ricky aka Fawnridge and I were married on the beach at CSA on 4/20/13. October 4-13, 2013 was my 5th trip and Ricky went over 20 to CSA...he's over 30 for Couplesa s a whole. We start the countdown calendar on his computer the day we return home.... We go twice a year, thank goodness! While we can get decent Jamaican food here in South Florida, it's just not the same, and almost blasphemy! Oh. 175 days til we are home again at CSA!

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