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    Default Hey Craigman, I'm back on the board

    Hey Craigman, I'm finally back on the message board. Are you ready to hit the beach with the girls in 26 days?


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    Hey Paulmon,

    Yes I'm ready, just 22 more days for CSA! April 14th won't get here soon enough...Oh man we are in trouble, there are 153 calories in 1 serving of Red Stripe.

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    Hey, Paulmon

    Maybe we should take some Red Stripes with us to the Shocker baseball game Saturday.

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    Hey Craigmon, Only 10 days left, you guys packed and ready to go?

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    Hey Paulmon, yes lets get going only 1 day left

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    Alright already!! Some of us are sitting at our desks wondering when we will be able to return to CSS for a two-weeker. No need to advertise the fact that you are almost there fellas!

    I suppose it would be unkind of me to not wish you a happy vacation. Oh, OK, Happy vacation! Grrrrrr.....

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