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    Ok, so other than the fantastic staff and service, Im going to try to think of (just) 3 particular to each of the 3 Couples weve visited (so that rules out listing food and drinks, since its awesome at all of them)

    1) the beach vibe
    2) the resort layout and grounds
    3) the fun and easy diving

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    The Beach
    The Food
    The Atrium Suites-Beautiful Jamaican charm rooms!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jvango View Post
    The Beach
    The Food
    The Atrium Suites-Beautiful Jamaican charm rooms!
    It is very difficult to narrow this down but:

    1. The truly awesome staff-this will be our sixth trip HOME and the staff remembers our names year to year and even inquire about folks who have not been there since 2008 by first name.
    2. The amazing rooms and grounds with the ocean waves and tree frogs to lull you to sleep.
    3. The food and drinks

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    Beach, Booze & the comfy beds

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    Default Favorites

    The pillows.
    The floaties on the lounger chairs
    The banana stuffed French toast.

    And the banana stuffed french toast just may be one of my 3 favorite things in the whole world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    What are the three things you love the most about CSA?

    1.) Working out in the gym
    2.) The calming effects of the spa...
    3.) The lasting friendships created at the piano bar.

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    Rhasta Rhythm

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    I cannot wait to find out what my 3 favorite things are! We will be there in about 69 days, with great friends, on the most beautiful island on earth. So excited!

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    The smell of the spa

    Big bamboos (a drink)


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    1. The hospitality!!!
    2. The activities!!
    3. The feels like you are home....

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    In 54 days I will be able to add to this list. (in my Bart Scott voice) CAN'T WAIT!!!

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    Swim up bar, the food, and the staff.

    For sure!

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