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    My wife and I are looking forward to experiencing CN next week (especially the AN beach). Any pointers or anything that is a 'must-do' while we are there??


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    Cat Cruise, Sunset Bar Shuttle, dinner at all restaurants, lobster on lobster night, beach party (do the cat cruise the same night), Intro to Scuba (unless you're certified, then just dive!), get the complimentary breakfast room service (High Mtn coffee, oj, pastries & fresh fruit), sit on your balcony for at least an hour one day, walk down to the Office of Nature before Apr 1st and get a lobster for lunch, and most importantly, GET TO KNOW THE STAFF!!!

    Relax and enjoy... this vacation will definitely NOT suck.

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    I saw a comedian do a funny bit once about a man on an AN beach. He removes his bathing suit, squeezes some sunblock onto his palm...then just stops, wondering "hmm, what do I do now?"

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