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    Default CSA - Which wedding package?

    We are having a hard time deciding which wedding package to go with. The difference between the package that is free and the one that currently costs 2750$ doesn't seem to be THAT different.

    I would like to hear from some of you who have chosen the various packages and whether or not they were worth the costs?

    It is very tempting to go with the free package and just upgrade it how we want it.

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    A lot of gals will get the free package and upgrade their bouquets. We went with the free one and was totally fine with it. I had gorgeous pink orchids

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    I just got the free one and will be upgrading the bouquet.

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    We are opting with the free package....decided to put our money towards a longer stay! We are arriving 8/20/12 and leaving 8/31/12!!! Can't wait!!!

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    I went with the Tropical simply for the decorations, the 50 min message and the 1 hour photo shoot. Just that alone is worth the $750.00. My renewal is July 26, 2012

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