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    Wife and I arrive for our 3rd visit on May 9. Can anybody tell us about going to Ricks? What day? How do you get there?

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    Check out It's very touristy and expensive but you should go at least once for a bet or two and the sunset. If you sit by the cliffs, you will get hounded for tips for the divers and that did get old after a while so we moved. It is a world famous bar and very unique. Bring small bills as you will get Jamaican money back for change. The excursion desk ladies will get you a cab and it was 15 dollars per person round trip. The driver will usually wait for you so you can leave when you want. I have never eaten there but I guess it's not that great and overpriced. Have fun!

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    Assuming you are staying in Negril...

    I've been also searching about the same thing and from what I've read on this board, it looks like you can take a paid shuttle at CN at $15 pp leaving the hotel at aroung 5pm or just get a cab.

    We didn't go to Rick's last time we stayed at CN but regretted it afterwards so we're definitely doing it this time when we're back there in May! Then at least I can say we've been there....

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    I assume you are going to Couples Swept Away or Couples Negril? CSS and CTI are too far away. If so, you are a short cab ride away. The resort can arrange a cab for you. Rick's is a bar set on the cliffs in Negril where you can watch professional cliff divers or jump in yourself from a few different locations. Wear your bathing suit if you plan to jump and bring money as it is not a cheap place to hang out. Also, be prepared to have the divers ask you for tip money while watching.

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    I hear the best time to go is on Saturday night with Ken, Karen, Jeff and Sue! I'm sure you will have fun with them whenever you decided to go.

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    My wife wanted to go to Rick's Cafe on our first trip to CSA because other people she knows said that the sunset is beautiful and they have cliff divers. They said, "you have to do it at least once." I said "wow isn't it the same sunset and cliff diving that can be seen from the free CSA catamaran cruise?" I saw no need to go but that's just the engineer in me talking. I think that Couples used to bring people to Rick's as an excursion but that was stopped. Now you have to take a taxi at $15 per person. Well we didn't go on our first trip but we had our driver take us there this last trip in December after climbing Mayfield Falls. Yes it was cool seeing the divers up close but not cool getting pestered for tips. It was also not cool that the drinks were expensive and served in plastic glasses. We ordered a sandwich to share since we hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast. It was a little pricey but I must admit it was pretty tastey. I went to pay yhe bill with cash but the bartender told me I'd be getting my change in Jamacian money. I said, "what, with all the people here paying with US dollars we get back Jamacian?" He said it's policy..."BEAUTIFUL!" I really don't need Jamacian money as a momento of our trip so I paid with a credit card. While my wife was drinking her margarita I went into the gift shop to check out the tee shirts. There were two women there chatting at the register and they never asked me if I needed any help. I looked for price tags on things and didn't find a single one. My thought was that they were probably so expensive that they didn't want you to freakout until you brought it to the register and would feel too uncomfortable not to buy it. I left without buying anything. So all in all my best advice is to, "watch the sunset and cliff divers at Rick's from the catamaran cruise while drinking free beer and rum punch or watch the sunset from CSA with included drinks and food." This is just my personal opinion but like they say, everybody has one.
    Enjoy, Steve

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    After the group has spent the day at the AN beach! I hear they are a bunch of crazies!

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