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    Default First Time CN June 2012

    Hello All,

    My future husband and I will be traveling to CN for our honeymoon in June 2012. I am interested in trying out the AN beach and am in the process of convincing my future hubby to as well. I had a couple of questions that I was hoping to get answered regarding the beach. Where can I find information on AN beach etiquette and rules?? We are in our mid 20's and I was wondering if it will be weird for us to be at the AN beach? Is there a way to ease into the disrobing (how do first timers usually get used to being nude in front of others)??

    We are super excited and thanks in advance for responses!!


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    When my hubby and I went the first time 7 years ago, we had not been to a AN beach either.
    I was surprised how comfortable we felt. This is the best place to get started, no pressure to hurry up. As it turns off , our suits were off and never came back on. It is so relaxing . Dont stress or think twice about it, just go hxhf fun

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    Your questions are great and it's not weird to imagine a couple in their 20's going AN at CN at all. It might even be considered insightful of you to explore yourself through what you imagine, and then do.

    AN at CN is not a sexual thing, overtly, and practicing etiquette is a welcome trait. We were there for our 25th anniversary, our first planned experience, and are returning in 86 days for Sharon's 50th birthday! It is a completely satisfying experience and I can't imagine it could be better other than at CN. Do it; you'll see.


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    When do you arrive at CN.

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    6/22-6/29, Friday to Friday...83 days and a wake-up.

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    6/22 is our arrival date, and staying a week.

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