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Thread: Secrets of CSA

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    Headed there for our 30th anniversary in August. So thankful for your posts here!

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    THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to write these fantastic tips!! We'll be there in 4 days (6/15-6/24) and I cannot wait! Second time to Jamaica (CN 2012) but first time at CSA, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've written down a long list of the wonderful things to try. I'm especially excited to kayak down to Long Bay Beach Park to see the wildlife. Woohoo!

    A couple tips that I can add:
    Get a coconut every morning. Drink it up, it's so delicious.
    Do not miss the Cat Cruise!! It was my favorite thing to do last time...don't be afraid to swim into the caves! Look up and you'll see tons of bats just chillin
    When it rains during the afternoon, the stingrays come out and swim very close to the shore. I got some great shots of them with my waterproof camera!
    If you find a seastar (they're there...just look down) place it very gently in your hand upside down and it will do a flip right in your palm.


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    1)Unless you are in a group, no matter how "lame" you think the resort tour is, take it. It is short. There is the obvious reason to see all of the hidden gems that your guide will show you but the BEST part is you may meet some great people that you will see throughout your time at Couples. Great fun to see staff and guests that you know from the very first day.

    2)If you are up just after sunrise, take a long walk along the beach past the property line. The beach is still quiet and businesses and fishermen are just starting to come out. It is beautiful and quiet.

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    another "secret": pick up the sweet potato chips and the hummus platter at Seagrapes and take it back to your room for a private happy hour. I always make sure to return the plates.


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    Bump!! This thread is Excellent. I found wonderful tips here

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    These are great insightful tips. We are not returning until next year, although I am making my list early. Thanks.

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    Is there a cigar bar at CSA or can you buy cigars at the resort or somewhere close? My husband like to have one from time to time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priscilla Martinez View Post
    Is there a cigar bar at CSA or can you buy cigars at the resort or somewhere close? My husband like to have one from time to time.

    This might be too late of a response for you, but I think we purchased some at the gift shop. I think there are also vendors selling them on the beach.
    Marc & Beth - Michigan

    CSA Nov 2011
    CSA/CN Split Oct 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by breccad View Post
    I'm posting here so I can keep up on the tips you post. We'll be there in just 16 days!
    Do not buy cigars from the guys on the beach, hey are all fake Cubans. Buy from the gift shop only.

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    Last year they had a table set up at the entrace to the dining area at dinner hour. My take is they are affiliated with the resort.

    This a legit offerring?

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    Use the 6 lane bowling alley inthe basemnet of the great house

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    dotandturd - Is that true? We have been 6 times and I have never once heard a whisper of a bowling alley on property. I wouldn't even know how to get to a basement in the great house...

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    Great tips here! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to add some of my own.

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    Fish Taco's at Seagrapes, yeah, they have self serve beer, and i have way too much if their self serve ice-cream... But boy-oh-boy, I wish all restaurants served those tacos. Better yet, I wish Seagrapes had them on the menu all the time

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    Thank you so much for that idea! 10 days away from coffee & rum cream!

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    thanks for all the amazing tips, only 5 months to wait!

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    Try the Pad Thai at Lemongrass! And the soup everywhere. I know someone said it already. But you can't say it enough!

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    BUMP! Any more Secrets?!!

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    Bowling alley? Really? Hmmm....
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Bowling alley? I've been going to Swept Away for 11 years and this is the first I have heard of a bowling alley

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