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    Default 2015 Calendars

    Does anyone know when the 2015 calendars will be out, and if I can pick one up at CTI or CSS when we're there in December, or can they only be ordered online?

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    I am looking for some as well to give as Christmas presents

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    Still hoping to get an answer - anyone?

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    Hi Jenni,

    I have not received word on when they may be out but as soon as I know we will advise.
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    I just asked this question on the Issa Trust Foundation web-site and got a message back from Diane Pollard that they are not doing the Couples Calendar this year.

    A real pity!

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    Aww...We loved the calendars.

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C
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    I so very much that they would reconsider doing the calendars again this year. We always get several and give as Christmas gifts--everyone loves them and they have even further convinced people to go there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

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    No calendars for 2015?
    We look forward to them!

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    If you go to a Walmart or Rite Aid photo center you can make your own using your own pictures. It was easy to do and it was only 12 bucks😂. Have fun.
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    they should do a cook book with photos of resorts along with some popular recipes

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    Figures they don't have/do them the year I donate money! haha...

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