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    Default First timer Questions!!!

    Less than 4 weeks and we will be in paradise and CTI for the first time!! This is a delayed honeymoon getaway for us so any advice from all you regulars of romantic and special things we should do are much appreciated!! We do have a few questions that are having a hard time finding the answers to on here...
    1) What types of beer other than red stripe are served and can you get them in can or bottles?
    2) on the island we have heard from previous guests but it's been about 6 years ago that you could have private "tower time" on the island... Is this true and still allowed??
    3) we have signed up for the romance rewards but beings we have never been there are we allowed to go to CSS for a day? And if so, is it an all day thing or do they make trips back and forth thru out the day?

    Thanks and can't wait to get there!

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    1. I've only enjoyed the Red Stripe, so I'm not sure what other beer may be available.
    2. Tower Time is not something that is sanctioned, and you'll never find it on the social schedule, but on your way up the steps to the top of the tower there is (was) a sign on a chain you could string across the stairs to not be interrupted if you and your significant other wanted to enjoy a romantic view of the mainland.
    3. Not sure, I think so, but could be wrong.

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    Hi Beachlovin607! Get ready for the time of your life at CTI!! We don't have all the answers goes:
    1) Don't know, haven't had anything but Red Stripe in all our visits.
    2) Not sure, haven't gone except during normal times.
    3) Yes, you can go to CSS as a Romance Rewards members for the day. You will have to sign up for it in advance and are there from about 10 AM-4 PM (transportation provided both ways). If you want to come back early they'll call a taxi for you.
    Have a blast!!

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    1) Red Stripe and Miller Lite
    2) You can have a private dinner, but not private "Tower Time". There used to be a chain and a sign with "Tower Time" written on it to block access going up the stairs. I didn't see it in April 2013. This is something that the guests put up... not Couples.
    3) CSS, They usually make one trip in the morning and one trip back in the afternoon. Like Bart and Bug said 10-4.

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