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    Default Darn you 2013 specials! Decisions, decisions!

    We are going to CSA for our first time in May for our weddingmoon. We had already decided we wanted to return to Couples for our anniversary in 2013, but try a different resort. Well, the extra $200 credit for August-October at CSS and CTI is very tempting though!!

    We're thinking about booking CSS in October (for a week) and CN for our anniversary (for 4 or 5 nights).

    It kind of sucks that we have to book trips 2 and 3 before our first though! What if we SO love CSA that we regret not booking it for our anniversary? :-(

    We're kind of addicted to Couples already and haven't even been there yet. This board is part of the reason why. The reviews are so good that we feel like we've been there already. We're even considering a secret rendezvous for my 40th birthday in July.

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    keep booking you cant go wrong with COUPLES at all!!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    I know how you feel we are going to CTI for our first Couples trip and first time to Jamaica. We leave in 15 days and can't stand the wait. I am trying to decide on next year as well about going to CSS but what if we love CTI so much we want to return there. I'm pretty sure that we are going to book CSS for next year, we have to decide real so though to get the great rates. I've stalked this message board for months and gained a lot of wonderful informantion. Doing that I've read how beautiful and romantic the grounds are at CSS so I fugure we can't go wrong. We almost went there this year but my parents are going with us and he has knee issues so we decided on CTI. We are also going to book for September next year instead of April and hope the weather is just as good then. I would say no matter where you decide you won't be disappointed and have a wonderful weddingmoon!!! Maybe if it works out we will see you next year.

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    You're going so soon Stephanie!!

    We will be there 5 weeks from today.

    We weren't thinking about booking CTI, mostly because it seems as though the majority of people who do the secret rendezvous get CTI and we will probably do 4 nights in July for my birthday. Let me know how you like it!!

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