We're booking a trip for July 28-Aug 1st at CN with a group of friends (couples). I'm planning this and I've noticed the upgrade from Deluxe Garden to Deluxe Ocean is very small. I'm curious about Beachfront deluxe? I know there are a few threads that cover this but what specifically is BD good for? Is it the same size as the other two?
Also, we really like waking up to a room with a view of the water, so would BD be worth it for that reason alone? And I know we want to be in a convenient location, close to everything, so does that matter as to what type of room we book? We're not a quiet bunch so seclusion isn't a big deal.
I wanted to look into the beachfront suite but it appears there are none available. I suppose I could book and keep checking with the resort in case one becomes available????