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    Default CTI - May 3 - May 10 2012

    Hi there! My husband and I will be taking our first of hopefully many Jamaican vacations to CTI May 3-10th 2012! We are in our late 20's and hope to meet up with some of you there! Can't wait!

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    My husband and I along with our good friends will be there May 5-10th! It is our honeymoon!

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    MY husband(FI for now) will be there May 4-May 11! We are in our mid to late 20's as well!! We are so excited!

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    Kyle and myself(Sarah) are in our early to mid 20's! Here is a pic of us, we will have to get together and have a drink or two together!Name:  DSC_0385.jpg
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    Hey guys my husband and I (Shane and Jodi) will be at CTI May 3rd-10th as well. We're in our early 30's and this will be our first time at a Couples Resort and our first time being in Jamaica. Would love to meet up for some drinks!!! Can't wait to meet you all and be a part of the Couple's "family"!! So excited!!!!

    Saralishy what time do you guys land in Jamaica on the 3rd?

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    My husband and I won't be there for almost 300 days for our 10th trpi to CTI, but May 3rd is my 59th birthday, so toss one back for me!

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