At the very beginning, maybe right after you book your next or perhaps first Couples caper, there is a rush of excitement. You have just finished phase one.
Congratulations. You have successfully booked upcoming trip. This completes Phase one. We now move on to, what many couples find the most difficult of all the requirements. Phase two.

Phase two. You will now be asked to begin the always dreaded , “Journey of the days”.

This is where we separate the truly committed Couples devote, from those that, as yet, have not booked and are still being to timid to commit. We all know people like that don’t we boys and girls. Yes.

Each couple may use anything, I repeat, ANYTHING that they think will help them wait out this agonizing time. Friends, family and co-workers may offer all the encouragement they would like to spur on the lucky couple.
The use of countdown devices, crossing of days on a calendar,
aggravating your co-workers, and more. No rules. Just get to the “Start line” and you begin your dream.

When you have completed all the levels, the grand prize will be the best prize. Each and every couple who completes these terrible tests of time, will be guaranteed a place at their favorite Couples resort, where the final awards will take place. We call it “The Lobby”. Truly the most rewarding to any couple really. It shows that you have completed all the pre resort skills and you are now going to take your special reward.

Being at the “Lobby Level” is only the beginning. As you and your SO are standing in the Couples lobby that you have chosen, your eyes will open very wide, your mouth will open, as both of you try to take in all that is around you. You will hug each other and wonder if this is all a dream. I assure you travelers, this is the real thing. Yes, folks, it’s certainly worth the wait.

So that’s what we are all after here contestants. I know how excited all of you must be. Newbies as well as Repeaters.
Ahhh. There’s Richie and Syl. Certainly long time happy repeaters. “Hi Richie. Hi Syl. Nice to see you back home again”.

That’s where all of you hope to be as well. With all levels complete, and on to your Couples Caper.

As you know already, this crucial step of “counting down”, is now your very last hurdle. All the other tasks such as, talking about going, finding adequate money, making time available, taking care of the kids, stopping mail and the last step, making the booking. and any and all the other loose ends that are a necessary formality.

Good luck to everyone. As soon as each couple successfully completes their personal countdown, they will be whisked off to the nearest airport, where there will always be another long wait before finally getting on the plane.

Let the counting commence.